Why today some people want to believe XXY & KS are Intersex

"A History of Deceipt"

Fall 2002 Newsletter For Download:

David Strachan made his approach to be included as intersex for himself, based on his own ignorance of his own medical condition, ignoring completely information available since 1942, in this Fall of 2002 Intersex Society of North America news letter.

Today David Strachan is associated with AIC, Advocates for Informed Choice, proposing still his notion that XXY boys MUST be forced to develop Klinefelter's syndrome, as he believes it is healthy to be diseased! David Strachan chooses to promote his ignorant understanding of his own medical condition, in order to fool the general public that he is somehow 'intersex' because of his atrophied testes, as that is the only part of the adult XXY's sexual anatomy that is different to XY male anatomy, he can't be referring to anything else.

David Strachan wasn't born with atrophied testes, he was born with perfectly normal male genitalia, and developed atrophied testes sometime after the onset of puberty, like every other man who developed Klinefelter's syndrome.

Nobody's disputing David Strachan's right to refer to himself as he wishes, it is his assumptions and suppositions that are in question here, assumptions and suppositions that are now being superimposed on every XXY male on the planet, without their INFORMED CONSENT, the very thing he and AIC claim is being denied XXY boys.

I've been involved with KS and XXY Support Groups since the early 1990's and I have never seen anybody assert bodybuilding as a means to alleviate gynaecomastia. Breast development in males is Gynaecomastia. In a report published in 1999, by Dr Shirley Ratcliffe, 36% of the 'control' boys, that's 46XY boys, developed gynaecomastia too! Did they suddenly become 'intersex' as a result, of course not!

I see in the "Intersexions" documentary David Strachan claims to have 'A cup' breast development, that I will definitely question since it is a transient condition in most other XXY males, and had it been there since his massive dose of testosterone he claims to be taking, some 800mgs per month apparently, that would preclude such development. Gynaecomastia is the result of an imbalance, caused by low and low normal testosterone. 800mgs per month is by no means 'low' in fact it is very high!

Below is my karyotype:

Gynaecomastia is not an intersex condition, it is a disease that is caused by an imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen in males, and if left untreated it can lead to death, by way of breast cancer. Breast cancer does affect XXY males more in percentages than it affects XY males. Gynaecomastia is associated with puberty in ALL boys regardless of their sex chromosomes. David Strachan appears to be completely ignorant of these facts, and was just as ignorant when he made this ridiculous statment. His supposition is nonsense.

David Strachan then goes on to assert that it is experimental to treat XXY boys with testosterone. Remember he made this statement in 2002! I have been treated with testosterone since 1977, and I would have appreciated a little bit more experimentation rather then the 'standard adult dose' I was eventually prescribed, which was not enough, as it turned out. How can it possibly be that it was 'experimental' to treat XXY boys with testosterone in 2002, when it was standard practice in 1977? This supposition of David Strachan is also nonsense!

Then David Strachan having made his nonsesical suppositions goes on to assume justification, that just happen to co-incide with the ISNA's point of being. It's not really surprising to me that he made these outrageous statements, they probably looked really good to Alice Dreger and the ISNA's Board. That they are completely made up by him is ignored. David Strachan also takes the standard treatment for Klinefelter's syndrome, testosterone therapy. I assert that if he was true to himself, he would refuse hormone therapy, and be like Mani Mitchell, showing the true nature of the symptoms of disease he is treated for, and has been treated for ever since he was first diagnosed!

David Strachan wants XXY boys to display Klinefelter's syndrome, but has no intention of displaying it himself. He is not intersex, he never has been intersex, and he never will be intersex. David Strachan is male. Males who oppose their maleness are said to have Gender Dysphoria, or Gender Confusion, both of which are noted in other XXY males, but not all XXY males. The only thing that can be said to be true of ALL XXY males, compared with all other XXY males, is that we're XXY!

David Strachan also appears in the below documentary by Grant Lahood, Director, of New Zealand. Reading carefully the introduction material we see Grant gives the distinct impression that all the participants of his documentary had genetalia so ambiguous that doctors could not say at birth what sex they were. This is pure nonsense. Every male born XXY is known what sex they are at birth, even those with a very small penis are obviously male:

It could be that David Strachan is one of the 23% with not an avearge length penis, apart from the fact this information is from the Edinburgh survey, published in 1999. Can it be that of all XXY baby boys, 23% have a not normally sized penis? Can it also be that 77% of all XXY baby boys, and teenagers, and adults, have a normally sized penis? Well this is my penis, and the penis of a couple of other XXY men, that show a normally sized penis.

Of course AIC is also opposed to these types of images being shared, well the black and white ones at least, as AIC will find it most difficult to promote that people with conditions that are not intersex are, if images of those people are freely available. Everything David Strachan says about why XXY/KS should be included as intersex is fictitious, so these images will be not to his liking I expect?

David Strachan doesn't seem to be aware that getting hormone therapy is hard work, as is getting surgery for Gynaecomastia. I have met 3 XXYY and XXY young men who were impotent and had Gynaecomastia as teenagers simply because of medical profession prejudice against testosterone therapy. I also have my experience. In my letter above you can see I request a certain type of surgery but have to wait. Indeed when I did have Gynaecomastia I couldn't find a doctor willing to advise it's removal as it wasn't severe enough, I had to pay a private surgeon to do it for me, as what I wanted and how I felt were not the governing factors. To the medical profession a certain degree of Gynaecomastia in XXY males is acceptable, but of course they don't have to be seen with the disfigurement!

What we don't see from the various 'intersex' support, and information groups, and individuals, is a desire to find XXY boys early, and make sure they don't develop Klinefelter's syndrome. It appears the various groups and individuals like David Strachan want these boys to get sick, to display physical features of disease. Physical features they themselves do not display, for the most part.

There is no reason in this modern world that Klinefelter's syndrome, the symptoms of the disease Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis, should develop at all. There are some aspects that are unavoidable, like atrophied testes and infertility, but Gynaecomastia, Impotence, Obesity, Varicose Veins, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Type 2 Diabetes, are all completely avoidable IF we can find these boys early and get them therapy when their bodies say they need it!

David Strachan and the True Intersex people don't care about any of this stuff as these diseases don't affect any of them, (but may well affect David), as they're not a feature of their conditions. These True Intersex people were found early, they got the best medical care available at the time, they all had a normal puberty, and lived relatively normal lives. There is a theory developing that suggests XXY boys develop psychiatric illnesses as a result of low testosterone in puberty. If the ignorant David Strachan and his crowd have their way, even fewer XXY boys will be diagnosed early, and even more XXY boys will develop severe medical and psychiatric conditions, that they need never have developed at all.

It is heartless stupidity to attemtp to include XXY boys, against their INFORMED CONSENT, in the intersex grouping, as those people are opposed to medical care and hormone therapy. And now I see an attempt to declare all XXY males as being part of the LGBT group, in the form of adding an I to that acronym. That might make the selfish David Strachan feel good, but those of us with brains know that sex chromosomes do not dictate sexuality, and all you need for that proof is the T people.

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